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  • In 2012 the national dating abuse helpline documented 1151 contacts from Texas. 58% were chats, 31% were calls, and 11% were text. Texas is ranked second in terms of helpline contact volume.

Stop the cycle of abuse, and get your life back on track at our facility for women/children. Bet -Sheba Outreach Inc. will help you, and your children improve your situation. Getting a better chance at life is what Bet-Sheba will provide with programs that include Conflict Resolution, Mentoring Program, Transitional Housing, After School Homework Program, Tutoring, Children Oral Health Program, Social Skills Program, Domestic Violence Awareness Seminars, Sexual Abuse Seminars. Stop Smoking Treatment, Stress Management, GED Preparation Class, Counseling, Day Care Services to impoverished battered women/ children that exhibit motivatio to change personal situation.

The residents will be required to obtain a GED, and Associates Degree/ 18 month certificate program during the 2 year placement at Bet-Sheba Outreach Inc. The resident will also be required to learn Job Readiness Skills.

Each resident will be given a 14 day period to adjust to the new living environment, and program guidelines.


Our mission at Bet Sheba Outreach Incorporated is to build a facility to provide temporary housing to battered women and sexually abused  children. Our facility will provide personal development and vocational skills to the residents. Residents will be expected to be motivated to help change their own situations.

Residents may stay up to two years.


We advocate for those who need our help. Even a little help goes a long way.


That is why we are especially happy to find new volunteers who share our commitment to doing good in the world. Do you want to support us by helping with our work? Then do not hesitate to contact us. A helping hand is always greatly appreciated!

Life Skills Workshop & Counseling Services : 


Our life skills workshops and counseling services are available to our transitional housing residents as well as individuals in the community that are in need of such services.

Each residence of the transitional housing program will participate in a series of workshops and counseling sessions throughout each week.

Initially a number of workshops will be one on one. 

As the program grows, they will become workshops for small  groups work appropriate. 


Our life skills workshop and counseling services will be available for both residents and the general public. 


Our life skills workshop and counseling program will include the following :


Counseling –  Workshop participants will receive one on one  and group counseling to identify and address various issues in their lives. Group counseling sessions will focus on specific life management issues such as stress and crisis management, domestic violence awareness, drug and alcohol recovery, and battered women's recovery .


Life Skills Training –  Workshop participants will be taught various skills that will help them live a more productive lifestyle. Sessions will include teaching on anger management, conflict resolution, decision-making, self-esteem, assertiveness, etiquette, etc.


Sexual Abuse Program-  We will provide information packages  on what to do when someone has been sexually abused.  There will also be seminars with professionals to explain the signs and how to develop solutions  in these instances. Counselors will be available to speak with women and children to help promote healthy minds .

Health & Nutrition:


Health and Nutrition Program –  The health and nutrition program will address physical health and nutrition education for adults and children .This program will provide awareness designed to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, meal planning, cooking,and fitness classes.

Food and Clothing Distribution –   We will distribute food items and clothing to residents and other people in the community  that are in need. We will collect food and clothing donations from local supermarkets  retailers cleaners  and individuals .


Transitional Housing –  The mission of Bet- Sheba Outreach is to provide temporary housing for battered women and children. Are transitional facility will provide housing as well as personal development and vocational skills to residents. Residents will be expected to be motivated to help change their own situation .


Residents will be required to maintain their apartment and living areas. Staff Members will live on the premises and perform regular site checks.


Each residents will be given 14– days period  to adjust to the new living conditions and program guidelines. Residents are required to attend counseling sessions and workshops during their stay. They will learn job readiness skills and seek employment. 


*  Residents may stay up to 2 years to complete Certificate Program or Associate          Degree

Wellness Classes:


Stress Management Classes –  We will implant the transcendental meditation program. Published studies have shown transcendental meditation techniques improve attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AHAD), anxiety, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, obesity, cigarette smoking, stress syndrome, mental disabilities, substance abuse, cholesterol, depression and childhood and adolescent disorders. A stress management instructor will leave these classes.


Domestic Violence Awareness Seminars – We will hold monthly seminars to teach women about domestic violence and warning signs. Awareness packages will be distributed and counselors will be made available to victims .

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program   Alcohol anonymous (AA)  and narcotics anonymous (NA)  classes will be included in the drug/ alcohol recovery program. Professional volunteer counselors will be available to meet with women and children to assist in recovery from the abuse /violence that comes along with the use of drugs and alcohol. The program will consist of a 12 step system and support group meetings. Seminars will be implemented to assist participants in moving beyond the addiction and to instill the belief that there is life after recovery .


Battered Women's Syndrome Recovery Program – We will work closely with local volunteer physicians to assist battered women with recovery from the extreme fear and devastation that results from being battered and abused. Individual and group counseling will be emphasized in the treatment program. Method such as seminars and role-playing will be used to emphasize the seriousness of battered women's syndrome. Major emphasis will be placed on avoiding being put in such danger situations again.

Child Services :



Children's Oral Health Program – We will promote healthy oral techniques for children  ages 3- 12. We will register with Bright Smiles, Bright Futures sponsored by Colgate –Palmolive Company.  A local dentist will donate her time and oversee this program .

Child Abduction Prevention Class –  A child abduction prevention  instructor will provide child abduction kits, tips, and videos to teach parents and  children safety techniques .

Academic Tutoring –   We will provide academic tutoring for  grade school  and high school students  primarily in reading and math . Tutoring service will be held on a daily basis in one of the classroom spaces. We will have volunteers serve  as tutors. This program will be offered for small fee ( to be determined)  to cover incidental expenses. We expect to begin offering this service  when the childcare center open. A volunteer leader will direct this program.

Child Day Care Services – Our child day care center will be open all year during the hours of 7am to 6pm. We will be closed on national holidays. The programs will be supervised by a program director. Qualifications for all staff positions will be determined by state guidelines for licensed childcare facilities.

We will provide supervision and a variety of age-appropriate  play activities. These include independent small and large group activities involving: 

*  Art

*  Dramatic play

*  Science

*  Music

*  Storytelling

*  Nutrition

*  Indoor and outdoor play

We will serve two meals and a snack per day.



After School Programs  (Mentoring Program )  – We were primarily serve working families, parents seeking employment, and parents furthering their education. Our day care services will be open to the public and not limited to transitional housing residents. Children will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. If space is unavailable, parents will be placed on a waiting list, again on a first-come, first-served basis. We will also refer parents to other non profit childcare centers in the area that are available.Our admittance policy will be communicated on our program brochures and in our parents handbook. We will not have a sliding scale of these based on the household income.


Computer Training and Access –  We will set – up a children's computer lab  and provide computer training in one of the classroom spaces. We will provide computer access for academic purposes and controlled Internet access. The children's computer lab will be open to the general public for school – aged children. The program will be free of charge and available on a first -come, first -serve basis. We expect to begin offering  this service when the childcare center opens.  However, children enrolled in our after –school program will have  priority access to the lab.

Adult Education :





GED Preparation Program- We will assist women in enrolling in GED preparation classes.


Financial Planning  & Budgeting -  This program will assist workshop participants with successful financial planning.

Residents will develop short term and long term financial goals. They will establish a checking and savings account, and learn to balance their accounts. They will keep acurate financial records, and develop budget plans to fit their need. Stratigies will be given to help them manage, and save their money.


Our organization WILL NOT refer individuals to services providee by banks, lending institution, credit counseling organizations, down payment assisting organization, etc.

Our organization WILL NOT provide any credit repair programs, offer debt management services, debt repayment services, debt consolidation services or debt negotiation services to individuals. None of our board members are expert or have an extensive background in the area of consumer credit counseling or credit repair. 

Our organization and it's instructors ARE NOT AND WILL NOT be involved in a down payment assistance program.

We have not develop our material to be covered in our budgeting and personal management seminars and workshops.


Employment Counceling and Job Readiness We will provide workshops to train individuals on career development, basic job skills, interveiwing, resume writing, and job search. 

we will teach residents to communicate effectively and other ettiqette skills so that they will be to present themselves in a professional and respectful manner in the workplace and society as a whole.


Counseling and workshops are provided at no charge. They are held at our transitional living facility. These activities will be planned and supervised by our program director.

Screening /Case Management Services :


Typically applicants will be referred to our program a government agency or non profit organization serving battered women, children, and economically impoverished individuals. Applicants will complete an application for residency. Applicants must agree to the resident program rules and guidelines. A director/ counselor will interview each applicant. During the interview, we will assess the individual's needs and develop a plan for their road to self-sufficiency. If necessary, we will provide referrals to other service providers for special issues such as substance abuse and mental illness. We will also provide referrals for education and vocational training.


Applicants are accepted on a first come, first serve basis. If no spaces are available applicants will be placed on a waiting list, and referred to agencies providing similar services.


Our general admission requirements are:


*  Battered and sexually abuse women and children

*  Economically impoverished individuals

*  Exhibit motivation to change personal situations

*  Financial aid available to those who qualify


Our counselors perform the screening of applicants and case management.

                                                        Shelia Newhouse, 47

 Sometimes smart women wind up in bad situations. Life isn't a simple story and so many factors come into play. Take the first step to break the cycle. Find hope and strength at Bet-Sheba Outreach Inc.

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